Its here again! This year saw the return of the Midwood Caravan Park barbecue, and boy was it a good one! Everyone had a blast. It was a challenge to say the least as the days leading up to Saturday didn’t give us much hope. The weather forecast predicted that very poor weather conditions were heading our way! However, the weather obviously didn’t know what it was coming up against! The sheer determination and optimistic spirit of the people of Midwood Caravan Park and the management staff involved in the organisation and setting up process prevailed! The event got the go ahead and the battle was won. Midwood ‘1’ – UK weather ‘0’. Everybody shared a great spirit and came fully prepared. Kagools and raincoats were certainly the fashionable choice as the heavens opened, and the rain came down! Though, there was one or two who decided to brave wearing shorts on this soggy British day. But once the music got going, and families all arrived in convoy, everyone forgot about rain and gave it their all. Lovely, classic BBQ  food was served and prepared by our very own park manager and went down a treat. Along with this, a selection of classic hits performed by the wonderful Julie and Doug – who make up the band Rewynd – made for a sensational atmosphere that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. All attendees sang their hearts out to all the songs they knew and loved, not always in tune, but you can’t fault their efforts!  Despite the gloomy skies, tents and gazebos were erected, people danced with great aplomb, and the BBQ itself was set alight and burned through the night! What a spectacle!

The barbecue has always been held in aid of a charity, but this year, the money raised went towards a defibrillator to be situated on the park and used in cases of emergencies. This cause was close to the hearts of a few residents on the park, so the fund raiser itself meant a great deal. We are very happy to announce that we did indeed raise enough money for the defibrillator!

Its fantastic to see a great sense of community on the park and memories being made! That’s what owning a home on Midwood Caravan Park is all about.

A big thank you to the park managers Jo & Mark, and a special thank you to the raffle organisers and all the people who helped with the setting up.

What a great do and see you next year everybody!